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Castell d’Encús are vineyards in the village of Talarn, in the Pallars Jussà region.

It’s a project from Raül Bobet, who describes it as a personal adventure. Castell d’Encús produces a high-quality wine, a very special wine as the vineyards are 1,000 m above sea level, blasted by the cold fronts from the Pyrenees, warm winds from the Montsec and the different day and night time temperatures. The vineyard is on a historic estate, surrounded by a magnificent landscape. The old fermentation tanks cut into the stone by 12th century monks have been restored.

The perfect activity to enjoy with friends. The visit includes a wine tasting session with the five best wines and a walk through the history, vineyards and landscapes. We recommend footwear suitable for walking in the mountains.

Visit by appointment
Castell d’Encús is a vineyard that survives perfect storms.
30 km from Càmping de la Vall d’Àger.