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Take the introduction to paragliding. Do you dare?
Àger, land of the gliders.

Vall d’Àger is a valley that sits in the Pre-Pyrenees, positioned from east to west and protected by the Serra de Montsec and Montclús. It´s unique geography gives it the perfect climatic conditions to generate dynamic and thermal currents throughout the whole year.

The Serra de Montsec is one of the most important free flight areas of Europe.

More than four take-off zones with different orientations. Several landing strips (one of which is in the Càmping de la Vall d’Àger) itself. Access to the various take-off zones is well signposted and suitable for all types of vehicle). Please find here a map showing the take-off and landing zones.

Download the map.


IMPORTANT: Despite what many people think, paragliding doesn’t give you vertigo.

If you haven´t done it before, go for it and take the introduction in a two-seater paraglider. If you´ve already tried it, you won´t need convincing the second time around…

The introduction to paragliding is the best way to start, you´ll get an adrenaline rush and enjoy the landscape in a safe way.

For more information, please find below the flying schools in Vall d’Àger. They all have years of experience.