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Castell de Llordà is a castle at the top of a hill north of the village of Llordà, in Pallars Jussà.

It’s the most important example of residential architecture in Catalonia in the High Middle Ages. It was built by Arnau Mir de Tost, one of the most important figures in feudal expansion across the Vall d’Àger and throughout the Montsec region. There are two main areas: the inside includes the church and the old village; the upper area is the castle. This is where we find the palace, the aristocratic building and the servants and military buildings. Llordá castle is currently being renovated and archaeological excavations have begun, which will provide more information. It can also be visited. See here for guided tours.

We recommend walking up to the castle, a walk of a little over an hour with great views. Check the route here

Castell de Llordà is a good example of what daily life was like and how a medieval castle was run.

52 km from – Càmping de la Vall d’Àger