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Fly over one of Catalonia’ most spectacular landscapes, the border between the Noguera and Pallars Jussá.

A hot air balloon ride is a unique experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

Come with your family and friends and float away, the wind will decide your destination.

North, towards the Serra del Montsec mountains.

Or south to Vall d’Àger.

East, towards the Camarasa reservoir.

And west, over the Canelles reservoir and the Congost de Mont rebei.

We have two hot air balloon options.

From the Vall d’Àger Campsite:

2 hour flight at 2500 m, covering between 30 and 40 km.

Minimum 4 people

From the Camarasa reservoir:

1 hour flight covering between 5 and 8 km.

Minimum 6 people

Any questions?

  • Why do I have to get up so early for my hot air balloon ride? Hot air balloon flights use the gentle, constant early morning breezes before the sun heats the earth creating hot thermal currents of air.
  • Are there hot air balloon trips all year round? You can take a hot air balloon trip at any time of year, each season has its own charm.
  • Who can go on a hot air balloon ride? A hot air balloon is suitable for ages and even for those who are afraid of heights. The sense of stillness is so powerful that it seems as if the landscape below moves, rather than the hot air balloon.
  • Why is there a toast with cava? It is said that the first people to ride in a hot air balloon, Jean-François Pilâtre de Roziers and the Marquid d’Arlandes toasted their successful first flight over Paris in 1783 with champagne. Since then it’s become a worldwide tradition.