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Hiking Vall d'Àger Pla de les Bruixes.

Do you like hiking?

The Serra del Montsec is a 40km long limestone massif in the Pre-Pyrenees running from east to west between Catalonia and Aragon, and borders the Noguera and Pallars Jussá regions.

Vall d’Àger harbours a variety of trails and excursions, more than 100 km of signposted trails. Highlights:

The magnificent Congost de Mont-Rebei (GR1), for which we recommend the full trail on the Catalonian side: starting at the hermitage at Mare de Déu and finishing in the northern part of Aragon.

Or the Central Catalan Trail (GR3) or climb to the top of Santa Lis (1676 m).

Or the circular Pedra – Colobor trail, which starts from the campsite and also passes through Coll d´Ares, a paragliding take-off point.

Or a trip along the Àger Roman path…

And there are so many more local hiking trails, that you´ll discover rare jewels: spectacular viewpoints, romantic chapels hidden in the rocks, small abandoned villages, the dizzy heights of the cliffs, deep winding caves and beautiful blue pools. And if you look to the sky, you´ll be delighted by birds of prey and their majestic flight.

There are many hiking routes to enjoy, directly from the Càmping de la Vall d’Àger.

We offer you 10 trails, all signposted and of different levels of difficulty, ranging from one to four hours in duration.

Please find trail information to follow, happy hiking!

Vall d’Àger Hiking Trails

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