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The Conca Dellà Museum, the scene for an exciting journey through time.

The Conca Dellà Museum is in Isona, in the south of the Llerida region of Pallars Jussà.

The museum exhibits let the visitor travel to the distant past, to when the area was inhabited by dinosaurs. 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. Later, 2000 years before Christ, the town of Isona was an important Roman city known for its grapevines. The whole area is a heritage project: paleontological sites, archaeological remains, historical-artistic buildings and the surrounding natural environment.

We recommend a visit to the Basturs archaeological site, one of the most important sites in Europe, where you can see a large number of dinosaur eggs.

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One of the most recent discoveries was the 5 m long neck of a Tyrannosaurus. It is currently being restored and studied but you can ask to view it.

48 km from Càmping de la Vall d’Àger.