Espai d’Estels, Vall d’Àger’s horizontal hotel

Espai d’Estels is Vall d’Àger’s new horizontal hotel
Design | Comfort | Privacy

A horizontal hotel

Espai d’Estels is a new horizontal hotel concept, where each room is a family suite house.

The interior design combines the functionality of a suite with two bedrooms, complete bathroom and living room.

Only 10 suites, 6 east facing and 4 west facing.

In harmony with the surroundings

The outside of the Espai d’Estels is designed to blend in with the landscape.

Each Espai d’Estels has amazing views of the Col·legiata of St Pere d’Àger and the Serra del Montsec.

Espai d’Estels is in a garden area with the Vall d’Àger bungalows, separate from the rest of the campsite.

Cars are restricted to the perimeter of the area only.

Inspired by the stars

Espai d’Estels was inspired by the universe and each room is named after a star: Electra, Altair, Mimosa, Polaris…, among others.

The sky above Montsec is the darkest in Catalonia thanks to the low light pollution in the region.

At Vall d’Àger we contribute to reducing light pollution in the Montsec region by adapting our lighting systems.

Each Espai d’Estel has a balcony on the mezzanine to star gaze from.

Floor plan:

Ground Floor:

  • Veranda with table and chairs.
  • Living room with sofa, TV and biomass fireplace.
  • One double bedroom.
  • Bathroom with rainfall shower.


  • Double room
  • Balcony for star gazing.


  • Heating with biomass fireplace.
  • Tea and coffee
  • Adjacent private parking.
  • Set of sheets and towels.
  • Breakfast in the restaurant.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the Espai d’Estels (in the campground, yes).

Espai d’Estels invites you come and relax with us!